By Chris HrabeBy Chris Hrabe

The trade of Jaime Garcia signified a few things to me. Here is what stands out immediately:

  1. Flexibility. The Cardinals HAD flexibility after picking up Jaime’s option, and gave themselves more with this deal. I know fans often had a bad taste in their mouth when talking about Jaime, but the option was a no-brainer. Look at the pitching market. $12 million dollars, for one year, is a bargain for a big league starter. Add to that his track record of success, and that he is left-handed, and the Cardinals were dealing from a position of strength. They now bank that $12 million to do as they choose.
  2. Reinforcements. By adding 3 prospects for basically nothing, John Mozeliak bolsters the farm system and also adds bullets for a potential deal. Young, controllable assets are always king, and that’s exactly what the Cardinals got from Atlanta.
  3. In Reyes We Trust. I won’t suggest that the organization’s view of Alex Reyes has changed at all, but this is certainly another indicator of the expectations for the phenom right-hander. I, for one, can’t wait to see both Reyes and Martinez in the Cardinals rotation…Unless Mo has a blockbuster up his sleeve.

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