Everyone wants to be naked and famous…  …or not.  But we are often curious how they are doing.  This is why we sit down with Melody Chiu each week to talk about the latest issue of People Magazine.  This week Melody talks about the recent death of TV icon Alan Thicke along with some of the latest updates on The Bachelorette and Kanye West.


Have you ever wondered if the car you bought is compatible with your phone or if you should upgrade your computer now or wait?  We know that technology often can be confusing for folks.  This is why we bring in Tech reporter Jake Wengroff to help you decipher all the gadgets and gizmos on the market. This week Jake talks about the rise of autonomous vehicles, and the looming impact of drones on markets.


It’s time for Google to reveal their 16th annual Year in Search list! Which newsmakers and trends captured the world’s imagination in 2016? Google’s 16th annual Year In Search provides a revealing — and sometimes surprising — look at the people, places and topics that sent the world searching for answers this past year.  The lists are Google’s annual look at the trillions of searches performed throughout the year. Year In Search uses data from Google Trends to build top-ten lists across pop culture, sports, music, politics, news, and more.  Susan Cadrecha revealed to Jon some of the top trends this year.

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