In his new book THE WAY OF THE STRANGERS: Encounters with the Islamic State and in a piece at titled, “The American Leader in the Islamic State”, national correspondent Graeme Wood reveals for the first time the identity of Yahya Abu Hassanan ISIS scholar and propagandist, and perhaps successor to its second most-powerful figureas an American. Until now, few people outside jihadi circles and the American intelligence community have even known of his existence.

Wood’s investigation traces the life, radicalization, and current role and influence Yahya has within the Islamic State. Yahya was born John Georgelas to a wealthy Greek Orthodox family in Texas with a long military tradition.  He converted to Islam as a 17-year-old in 2001 and married a British Muslim extremist, and together they bonded over jihad and getting high. In 2011 they left the U.S. for Cairo, and in mid-2013 took their three children to Syria to join ISIS caliph Abu Bakral Baghdadi. Now, Wood reports, there is a shocking possibility that Yahya may have been tapped for a key command role behind Baghdadi.  Graeme sat down with Jon to give us insight into ISIS and his book this morning.


Have you ever wondered if the car you bought is compatible with your phone or if you should upgrade your computer now or wait?  We know that technology often can be confusing for folks.  This is why we bring in Tech reporter Jake Wengroff to help you decipher all the gadgets and gizmos on the market. This week Jake talks about the Hottest Christmas gifts, Nintendo’s foray into Mobile Gaming, and more.


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