2017 NFL Expert Picks: Week 1

Week 1 results:

Tom- 9-6
Ben- 10-5
Alex- 11-4
Chris- 7-8
Mark- 10-5

nfl picks 2017 week 1 final 2017 NFL Expert Picks: Week 1

Week 1 punishments:

  • Egg: Someone is getting a raw egg cracked on his head
  • Lunch: Last place buys lunch for first place
  • Twitter Compliments: The loser must give the winner a “sincere” complement on Twitter
  • Winner Chooses: The first place finisher gets to choose the punishment
  • Goff Jersey: The loser will have to wear a Rams jersey to work one day that following week
  • Twitter Avatar: The first place finisher will get to change the loser’s Twitter Avatar for one day
  • Beanboozled: Loser will have to eat 3 Beanboozled beans
  • Chores: Loser will have to complete 10 minutes worth of office chores

Chris Hrabe’s spin landed on “Goff Jersey,” so he’ll have one day this week to wear the jersey for the work day: 


Learn more about the NFL Picks Punishment Wheel

img 4524 2017 NFL Expert Picks: Week 1

KMOX NFL Picks Punishment Whee


Chiefs @ Patriots (total score tiebreaker)
Tom- Patriots (45)
Ben- Patriots (47)
Alex- Patriots (38)
Chris- Patriots (48)
Mark- Patriots (52)

Jets @ Bills
Tom- Bills
Ben- Bills
Alex- Bills
Chris- Bills
Mark- Bills

Jaguars @ Texans
Tom- Texans
Ben- Texans
Alex- Texans
Chris- Texans
Mark- Texans

Steelers @ Browns
Tom- Steelers
Ben- Steelers
Alex- Steelers
Chris- Steelers
Mark- Steelers

Cardinals @ Lions
Tom- Cardinals
Ben- Cardinals
Alex- Cardinals
Chris- Cardinals
Mark- Lions

Falcons @ Bears
Tom- Falcons
Ben- Falcons
Alex- Falcons
Chris- Falcons
Mark- Falcons

Raiders @ Titans
Tom- Radiers
Ben- Titans
Alex- Raiders
Chris- Raiders
Mark- Raiders

Ravens @ Bengals
Tom- Bengals
Ben- Bengals
Alex- Ravens
Chris- Bengals
Mark- Bengals

Eagles @ Redskins
Tom- Eagles
Ben- Eagles
Alex- Redskins
Chris- Redskins
Mark- Redskins

Colts @ Rams
Tom- Colts
Ben- Rams
Alex- Rams
Chris- Rams
Mark- Rams

Panthers @ 49ers
Tom- Panthers
Ben- Panthers
Alex- Panthers
Chris- Panthers
Mark- Panthers

Seahawks @ Packers
Tom- Packers
Ben- Packers
Alex- Packers
Chris- Seahawks
Mark- Packers

Giants @ Cowboys
Tom- Cowboys
Ben- Cowboys
Alex- Cowboys
Chris- Giants
Mark- Cowboys

Saints @ Vikings
Tom- Saints
Ben- Vikings
Alex- Vikings
Chris- Saints
Mark- Saints

Chargers @ Broncos
Tom- Broncos
Ben- Broncos
Alex- Broncos
Chris- Broncos
Mark- Broncos