Week 10 Punishment

Tom spun the wheel on Thursday and landed on Poem. So today he constructed an elegant and emotional ballad about his love for Mark Reardon:

I lost the NFL picks
And now I’m in a bit of a fix
Because I have to say nice things about Mark Reardon
No matter how much I want to resist

Mark is a good soul and he has an tremendous heart

And it’s clear when it comes to football, I’m an idiot
And he is smart

Mark’s knowledge knows no bounds
He’s very much into movies
In fact, he can be quite critical
And his opinions on film are in no way ever political

Movies, music, food… Mark has very good taste
You must know if it doesn’t have his approval
Consider it a total waste

But back to sports…
Mark knows a lot more than you think
He pays attention
Ask good questions
And when they’re bad he’ll tell you: they stink.

He’s an excellent broadcaster
Working with him, pure heaven.

It wasn’t easy writing this
I sure hope I’m better in Week 11.

And this is his second loss in a row, check out how last week’s pepper eating challenge went:

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nfl picks 2017 week 10 final2 2017 NFL Expert Picks Week 10Very close week of NFL Picks for our experts. This week we’ve got back-to-back losses by Tom Ackerman (10-4) and a new overall leader in Mark Reardon (12-2).

*This week’s results were originally posted with an error, falsely naming the loser to be Alex Ferrario. Updates to the standings have been made.

Week 10 Punishment Options:

  • Karaoke- Loser sings at least 1-minute of karaoke in studio, that week’s winner gets to pick the song
  • Beanboozled – Loser plays 5 rounds of Beanboozled
  • Clean fridge – Loser will clean out the employee refrigerator
  • Poem – Loser writes a poem about the winner and reads it on the air to the winner

Previous Punishment:

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      WEEK 10 PICKS

      Tom- Seahawks
      Ben- Seahawks
      Alex- Seahawks
      Chris- Seahawks
      Mark- Seahawks

      Tom- Jets
      Ben- Jets
      Alex- Jets
      Chris- Buccaneers
      Mark- Jets

      Tom- Bills
      Ben- Saints
      Alex- Bills
      Chris- Saints
      Mark- Saints

      Tom- Lions
      Ben- Lions
      Alex- Lions
      Chris- Lions
      Mark- Lions

      Tom- Titans
      Ben- Titans
      Alex- Titans
      Chris- Titans
      Mark- Titans

      Tom- Bears
      Ben- Bears
      Alex- Bears
      Chris- Bears
      Mark- Bears

      Tom- Jaguars
      Ben- Jaguars
      Alex- Jaguars
      Chris- Chargers
      Mark- Jaguars

      Tom- Redskins
      Ben- Vikings
      Alex- Vikings
      Chris- Redskins
      Mark- Vikings

      Tom- Steelers
      Ben- Steelers
      Alex- Steelers
      Chris- Steelers
      Mark- Steelers

      Tom- Rams
      Ben- Rams
      Alex- Rams
      Chris- Rams
      Mark- Rams

      GIANTS @ 49ERS
      Tom- 49ers
      Ben- 49ers
      Alex- 49ers
      Chris- 49ers
      Mark- 49ers

      Tom- Falcons
      Ben- Falcons
      Alex- Falcons
      Chris- Falcons
      Mark- Falcons

      Tom- Patriots
      Ben- Patriots
      Alex- Patriots
      Chris- Patriots
      Mark- Patriots

      DOLPHINS @ PANTHERS (total-score tiebreaker)
      Tom- Panthers (38)
      Ben- Panthers (38)
      Alex- Panthers (38)
      Chris- Panthers (46)
      Mark- Panthers (50)