KMOX talk show host Charlie Brennan asked listeners this morning if they believe marches, like the Women’s March held this weekend, are useful in creating change.

His opinion? “Politically, I don’t think it means a thing. It doesn’t help the case at all.”

Numerous marches have occurred since the police shooting death of Michael Brown, Charlie points out, and fewer people went to the polls and voted following. And fewer voted for Democrats – a group that generally supports the views of marchers.

“There is every possibility that these protests actually help the other side,” Charlie says, saying protests may help “pull the lever” for now-President Donald Trump.

Protests might make people think they’re doing something, he says, and that marching is a substitute for what really counts — voting, writing and calling lawmakers, running for office, etc.

He uses the NRA as an example, saying their strategy is to follow legislation, and flood lawmakers with phone calls when a bill comes up. They do not march, and are much more effective.

Marches are not only not useful, they might be counterproductive, Charlie says — and marching for a few hours does not cut it.

What do you think?

  1. There is an undoubted strength of unity with the women of this country. Did you miss that. Real change comes from the bottom up. You can not legislate a shift in paradigm..

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