Jeffrey Mittman, became the executive director of the Missouri chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). He was most recently the executive director of the ACLU affiliate in Alaska.  As an attorney in private law practice for several years, Jeffrey specialized in litigation, including criminal defense and employment discrimination matters. He did advocacy organizing for Equality California, and has volunteered on electoral campaigns.  Jeffrey sat down with Jon today to talk about President Trump’s recent Executive Order on Immigration and the detainment of immigrants in U.S. airports.


Immigration Attorney Lindsay Gray from the Immigration Law Firm, Bisenthal and Gray, stopped in to talk with us about how  legally vetted and approved immigrants are being affected.  Lindsay represents client(s) in a wide variety of immigration matters, including family green cards, marriage green cards, crime victim visas, waivers, and federal litigation.  This morning Lindsay spoke on how these immigrants are being discriminated against and their legal rights.


Attorney Elad Gross spoke with us this morning to talk about the change in Immigration procedures based on the President’s latest Executive Order.  Elad felt as a civil rights attorney that he needed to get involved.  He spoke with Jon and shared how he got involved as well as explained what rights a person is afforded when they enter the United States. staff writer Dave Lifton attended the Protest at Chicago O’Hare Airport.  He stopped in to talk about what he experience and witnessed.