HOUSTON (AP) – Chris Long has a chance to even things up with his father.

In his ninth NFL season, Long finally made the playoffs after signing with the New England Patriots.

On Sunday, he’ll play in the Super Bowl, becoming one of the rare father-son combinations to make it to the big game.

His father, Howie Long, starred on the Los Angeles’ Raiders championship team in 1983 and is now in the Hall of Fame.

“There’s no catching him. He’s got the gold jacket,” Chris Long said, referring to the fashion prize that goes to all Canton inductees.

“But this is one way to kind of even the score, if we both had some jewelry.

“And,” the defensive end added with a smile, “my playoff to Super Bowl ratio is better than his. Every time I’ve been in the playoffs, I’ve been in the Super Bowl. So you have to factor that as well, which I would argue makes me better than him.”

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