Kirke recorded All Because Of You with Empty Pockets over the course of four studio sessions at Chicago, IL’s Empty Pockets Studios. With Kirke on lead vocals, drums, guitar, keyboards, and ukulele, his cohesion with Empty Pockets would make you think they’ve been recording together for years.
Fans of Bad Company will be excited to learn that Track 3 on All Because Of You is a ukulele version of the 1975 Bad Company classic “Feel Like Making Love,” written by Simon Kirke. The album also features guitarist Warren Haynes, who guest stars on Track 10, “Trouble Road.”  Simon Kirkes’ latest album “All Because of You” comes out February 10th.
Somebody’s Child is Owen’s 11th studio album and was just named in the “Top 100 Records of the Year” by UK Sunday Times. It will be released in the US and Canada on March 3, 2017.  Judith is a self-described “stand-up/singer-songwriter” (she’s married to The Simpsons and Spinal Tap’s Harry Shearer and the two perform an annual holiday benefit variety show called “Christmas Without Tears”) whose shows revolve around songs of love and loss, peppered throughout with her sharp British humor, personal anecdotes, and social commentary. Musically, she brings to mind Joni Mitchell, but her lyrics have a darker hue.  Judith spoke to Jon about her latest album.