In today’s world there are mega-multiplex’s with 18 or more screens available each with a different film on it. And, you walk up to the box office at the local theatre not sure whether to see the latest romantic comedy or the horror film that everyone is talking about. This is why we go to the experts from and the Linoleum-Knife Podcast. Dave White and Alonso Duralde are our go to guys for deciphering if its a win or a flop before you spend money at the concession stand. This week they talked to us about “50 Shades Darker” and more.


If it is on the small screen then chances our Ed Bark from has seen it. This is why we bring long-time television critic Ed in each week to talk about what we saw on the tv and what we might see next week. This week Ed talks about Lady Gaga, APB, and more.


Have you looked at the Calendar lately?  Yep, its that time of year again, Tax Season.  We brought in Meg Sutton from H&R Block to talk about things you might overlook when doing your taxes and what things have changed this year.


There is only one question we ask you every Friday morning on the show; Are you Hungry? Of course you are and that is why sit down with our very own James Beard Award Nominee, Cheffy Baby.  Cheffy Baby talks about food trends, celebrity chefs, and more.

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