College Bound is a St. Louis-grown nonprofit recognized as one of the best college access-and-success organizations, nationwide. Our mission is to provide promising students from under-resourced backgrounds with the academic enrichment, social supports and life skills needed to succeed in colleges and careers.


College Bound provides 640 St. Louis students with a “whole child” system that prepares them for success in college and life. We commit to our students for seven to nine years, every step of the way: ACT, mastering Algebra II, coping with lifecycle events like grief, college financial literacy, first internships, first suits and first jobs.

And, it works. Since 2006, nearly 100% of College Bound’s 875 students have graduated from high school, compared to 71% of St. Louis Public School Students. Of those, 93% have matriculated to college within six months.

In Missouri, 55% of all students who attend state universities graduate from college within six years. Of College Bound’s first class of students (36 students) 53% graduated in six years — the organization leveled the playing field on its first try.


College Bound students are St. Louis’s future teachers, tech gurus, corporate wunderkinds and political leaders. But, because of barriers created by poverty, they will not graduate college without significant support. That’s where College Bound comes in.

On the web:
Website: www.collegeboundstl.org
Facebook: collegeboundstl
Twitter: @collegeboundstl

Media assistance or additional requests:
Nicole Rainey
(314) 361-4441 x108


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