By Deborah Flomberg

Imagine a world in which drones zip by overhead carrying packages, data and other secure information or products to consumers all over the world on a regular basis. Picture that world, when you walk out of your home witnessing dozens of the little unmanned aircraft zipping by going about their daily business. That world is not that far away as the reality of drones in business is becoming more and more true by the day. More business owners are finding ways to use drones in their daily operations and you’ll find this new way of doing business is only going to grow and get bigger and more reliable as time goes on.

The Internet Of Things

If you’ve not heard of it before, the Internet Of Things is basically the classification of all physical things that are connected to the internet in some way. This includes everything from cell phones and vehicles to buildings, sensors, and all sort of other items embedded with electronic devices that can help you do a number of different tasks. Now, drones have joined the classification of The Internet of Things, as they can be directly controlled and even change missions in the middle of flight, thanks to secure connection and reliable wireless internet.

Drone Technology

As drone technology increases, so too does a drone’s ability to interact and respond to its environment. You’ll see drones able to be deployed to different locations and they’ll be able to carry flexible loads. You’ll be able to reprogram a drone in mid-flight and they’ll be able to measure and provide analytics for just about anything and at any time. Technology will just continue to improve with these small aircraft and you’ll find more savvy business owners finding ways to utilize drones in their daily operations.

Types Of Drones

Keep in mind that there are lots of different types of drones, and you’ll not find a military-grade drone with complex systems that are connected to satellites for use in your average business. However, you’ll also not find small hobbyist drones to be of much help when it comes to doing real business or working within a larger organization. Instead, there is a middle ground drone, one which weighs less than 55 pounds and can be produced for commercial purposes. These drones are already being used in the energy, mining, mapping and surveying industries in England, Australia and France, and you’ll continue to see these drones finding uses throughout the United States in areas like infrastructure and transportation.

What Can Drones Do For You

Perhaps you have surveying to do and you need quick aerial photos taken of a specific area, a drone could help. Or maybe you need to deliver parts in a business to business style arrangement, well, a drone can help there too. From delivering parts to surveying, photographing and tracking, there is really no limit to what a drone can do for you, it’s just a matter of your creativity and your willingness to invest in the future of drone technology. If you are on the cutting edge of this new industry, it will be fascinating to see how this new technology develops over time, and you just may be one of the early adopters to tell the rest of the country how to use it.


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