ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Missouri House has approved lowering unemployment benefits from twenty weeks to thirteen. Republican Representative Rick Brattin said there are enough employers in Missouri to find a job within thirteen weeks.

“Everyone here can do their due diligence and walk through your district and you will find help wanted signs everywhere. The fact of saying that they can’t find a job, that is false. Go and talk to your businesses everywhere within your district. Folks, we don’t have a jobs problem, we have a people willing to work problem within our district,” he says.

Bruce Franks from St. Louis says that’s not true in his district, where it can take three months to find a job.

“When we’re talking about bills, especially unemployment compensation, that affects every single Missourian, the only thing that I ask is the thing I continue to ask every time I stand up here and talk about any bill, is that we take all communities into consideration,” he says.

Benefit length would be based on the state’s unemployment rate, with over nine percent unemployment giving twenty weeks and under six percent giving thirteen weeks. The proposal is a way to save money. In the past, the state has had to borrow from the feds to pay out unemployment benefits.


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