ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – “It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. I’d say it is the impossible being performed here today.”

That’s one woman’s reaction to seeing a two-and-a-half story brick house built in 1891 rolling slowly through the streets of north St. Louis.

The city made sure that Charlesetta Taylor’s home was moved from the site for the new NGA West complex to a residential neighborhood less than a mile away.

Family member Renata Hamilton was out taking photos Sunday and seeing how excited people were to witness the spectacle, “It shows love and support in the community. I think it is amazing.”

Another family member, Keisha Robinson, looked on and recalled the dresses the seamstress of the house used to make for her, “She could really put stuff together. Prom dresses and everything were made in that house. I have lots and lots of memories.”

Another person KMOX News found along the route, named Jane, recalled growing up near the home, “As I became friends with the family, I became part of the family. My first memories of this place were coming by for Sunday dinners. This is historic here today, something only God could’ve accomplished. I know the family’s very grateful for that.”

Onlooker Robert Parsons said it’s refreshing to witness a ‘yes we can’ project instead of a ‘no, we can’t’, “We can and we will. This is just the beginning of what is really actually happening in St. Louis, and it’s a good thing.”

The St. Louis Development Corporation has promised to deliver a clean and clear 97-acre site to the federal government for the NGA in 2018. The city has controlled the land since last December. Since then, work has begun to relocate residents, move remaining businesses, remove utilities, vacate streets, demolish structures, clear debris, and regrade the site.

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