ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -A new survey finds rising stress levels over technology use and social media.

The American Psychological Association is out with its annual Stress in America Survey.

“We found nearly nine out of ten Americans say that they constantly or often check their emails, texts and social media accounts, and that those that are constantly connected to technology reported higher levels of stress, so while technology can help in so many ways, this need to be constantly connected could actually have a negative impact on both our physical and mental health,” says Dr. Vaile Wright.

Wright says common strategies to manage that electronic stress include unplugging periodically, not allowing cell phones at the dinner table, turning off notifications for social media apps and not allowing devices during times with friends and family.

“Unplugging or taking a break is one strategy for managing your stress, but also just turning off your notifications, making sure that you’re present in your face to face interactions so if you’re out to dinner with friends, putting that phone away and really being there with the people that you’re with.

Forty-two percent say political and cultural discussions on social media cause them stress, but what really stresses out those who are plugged in the most? When the technology doesn’t work.

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