By Deborah Flomberg

Whether you like it or not, the way you do business is changing, and that includes how you interact with your customers or potential customers. Take, for example, the rise of Chatbots on Facebook, Twitter and even Slack. You’ll find more and more businesses finding ways to use this artificial intelligence to automate how consumers are interacting with their businesses and to create more efficiencies within an organization. In fact, there are ways to incorporate chatbots and other forms of artificial intelligence into your business no matter how large or how small you currently are.


If you’re wondering the “why?” of using chatbots or artificial intelligence, consider how AI can impact efficiency. You can use a chatbot to do things like check on delivery times, answer frequently asked questions, order products and other normal activities that happen over and over again within your business. This frees up your actual employees to do the work that needs a more personal touch. A chatbot isn’t going to replace your need for staff, but it will help you find a plan that is simple, useful and predictable to assist your current customers with most of their basic needs.

Script It Out

Once you’ve decided on a chatbot for some basic services, you’ll need to script out what your chatbot says for each question. This is where you’ll want to get the input of your highest performing and best employees to help create the scripts and tools for the chatbots. You’ll also want to ensure your chatbot has all the scripts and questions answered that may possibly arise through normal customer interaction. For example, if you’re working with a sales-related bot, then it will need catalog information, product data, pictures, descriptions of items and pricing along with inventory data and other tracking information.

Cure Inefficiency

The primary goal of setting up any type of artificial intelligence within your organization is to cure inefficiencies. So if you’re trying to figure out the best way to incorporate a chatbot or other type of AI, perhaps the best place to start is to look within your current organization to identify where the inefficiencies are. Then, you can look to the tools available through AI to see how it can help to solve those problems. In fact, more than 10,000 different developers have been working on AI solutions and chatbots to use within Facebook Messenger alone, proving just how large the future of intelligence is for business owners.

Understand The Investment

Keep in mind that the use of AI or chatbots (or really any new system for your business) involves an upfront expense, so you’ll want to measure out the investment to make sure you’ll see the appropriate return on the money you invest. Once you get your new AI up to speed, you may be able to run with fewer sales representatives or fewer customer service reps. You may be able to move already trained employees into more specialized fields, and you might find ways to cut other costs or move expenses around. There are a lot of benefits to the world of AI and chatbots, so keep your mind open and keep up to speed with all the latest in technology and business.


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