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MAPLEWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) – Some refer to 71-year-old Alice Hezel as Maplewood’s “Weed Lady” because she’s been battling City Hall over her garden in the 3600 block of Cambridge Ave. for many years.

Hezel has been declared the winner in the latest battle after the city dropped charges against her, three weeks before a scheduled docket hearing in St. Louis County Circuit Court.

“This was in my email in-box (Tuesday) morning, and I saw that city had voluntarily dismissed the charge against Alice Hezel,” her attorney Bruce Morrison with the Great Rivers Envrionmental Law Center says. “For now, the city has dropped the entire matter and picked up all of the court costs. So she is out of the cross-hairs for now.”

Wildflowers and milkweeds cover Alice Hezel's lawn on Cambridge in Maplewood. (Kevin Killeen/KMOX)

Wildflowers and milkweeds cover Alice Hezel’s lawn on Cambridge in Maplewood. (Kevin Killeen/KMOX)

So his client ought to be thrilled with the news, right?

Not really, according to Morrison.

“When I told her the city had dropped the charge, she was really…pissed off,” he said. “She wanted her day in court.”

Morrison says Hezel fears that soon another neighbor or passer-by will file a complaint about her yard and the whole vicious cycle will start back up again.

“This is a problem that has come up every late spring for her, over several years now,” Morrison said. “So I expect it will come up again unless we can sit down with the city and come to some agreement in advance.”

He plans to approach the city as the “logical next step” to settle this matter once and for all.

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