ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Checking ‘the weather’ could take on a new meaning. St. Louis-based tech start-up Better Weekdays has launched new product called ‘The Whether,’ as in whether or not to take a job.

CEO Chris Motley says ‘The Whether’ helps, say, a college student, or someone in a job but thinking of making a change, know about a prospective position, the company and its mission, the location, the culture of a city, and the economic climate there. Motley says it’s the latest evolution of his start-up, which was called Better Weekdays and began in Chicago before he moved it to St. Louis.

So, The Whether helps you understand not just a job, but the city where the job is, how the economy and culture is there, and what a company is about. Or it helps a company learn more about a prospective employee and where he or she comes from.

“It’s very similar to the dating market. You just don’t come up and say out of the blue, ‘I want to get married’ and you get married right away. It’s a process, and part of that process is private, meaning a process of discovery, of ‘I’m thinking about getting out in the market and meeting someone new’, so before you let anyone know that, you’re kind of discovering your options, and I think the same is true in the job space,” he says.

Motley explained the concept on Nothing Impossible, KMOX’s weekly show about local innovation. Find the latest episode at

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