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WENTZVILLE, Mo. (KMOX) – The National Weather Service confirms the storm that caused some damage and two injuries in Wentzville overnight was a small tornado.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Doug Tilley tells KMOX the EF-1 twister had top wind speeds of 88 miles per hour.

It wasn’t only small – it didn’t last long enough for St. Charles County Emergency Management officials to sound the sirens.

Director Chris Hunt says they were watching the storm as it moved into the county with straight line winds of 40 to 60 miles an hour.

“Once it got into Wentzville,” he says, “we noticed there was a quickly forming rotation in the wind pattern. We were getting ready to activate the sirens, but as quickly as the rotation appeared, it disappeared.”

The National Weather Service did not issue a tornado warning.

“We definitely kept our eye on it,” says Hunt. “But, it was gone pretty quickly.”

Hunt says it was one of the fastest moving storm systems he’s seen.

Though small and short-lived, it toppled a mobile home, injuring two people, overturned a tractor-trailer and damaged some businesses.

Our previous reporting is as follows:

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The National Weather Service will investigate reports of approximately 30 tornadoes touching down in the Midwest overnight.

Wentzville police Mjr. Paul West says several businesses were damaged, and two people suffered minor injuries and were transported to the hospital.

Wentzville appears to have been hardest hit by storms that rolled through the area earlier this morning.

Mobile homes were flipped over in the area of West Main and Hilltop. Two people were trapped and had to be rescued. St. Charles County Emergency Management says their injuries were minor.

A major gas line ruptured in that same area. People moved from the area until Ameren could cap the line.

Other areas in Wentzville and St. Charles County hit hard – a lumber company along Church Street. Several other buildings and homes had significant wind damage, including ripped off roofs and downed trees.

At least two tornadoes touched down Monday night just north of Kansas City, Missouri.

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