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FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOX) – Protesters returned to Ferguson Market on Sunday night, after the release of a previously unreleased surveillance video that shows Michael Brown in the store at 11 hours before his death.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting shots were fired across the street from Ferguson Market overnight as a group of about 100 protesters gathered.
No injuries were reported. Ferguson and St. Louis County police were at the scene. Someone wrote “Justice For Mike Brown” with chalk in the store’s parking lot.

Newly released surveillance video that shows Michael Brown in the Ferguson Market 11 hours before he was shot by officer Darren Wilson, has a documentary-maker challenging the account that Brown robbed the store of cigarillos shortly before the shooting.

mike brown video still New Michael Brown Video Sparks Protest

Still capture from new Michael Brown documentary ‘Stranger Fruit’ shows Brown entering the store the night before the shooting.

Documentary-maker Jason Pollock says the video contained in “Stranger Fruit,” which premiered at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, shows Brown in the store at 1 a.m Aug. 9, 2014, exchanging marijuana with store employees for two boxes of cigarillos.

Pollock narrates as Brown starts walking out of the store, but then turns and hands the boxes to a clerk who puts them behind the counter. “The next day, with his hands politely behind his back, Mike goes back into the store to get his stuff.”

Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, then says, “It was a misunderstanding.

“There was some type of exchange for one thing for another,” McSpadden says. “That these people know each other well enough that this is the relationship that they have.”

WATCH the video in the New York Times story

“Mike traded the store a little bag of weed,” Pollock says in the film, “and got two boxes of cigarillos in return. He left his items at the store and he went back the next day to pick them up. Mike did not rob the store.”

Video from Brown’s later visit, moments before he was shot, shows him pushing the store’s owner as he leaves with cigarillos.

County police say they cannot confirm the video’s authenticity and point out that Ferguson police released the video of the confrontation involving Brown at the store.

Jay Kanzler, attorney for the Ferguson Market’s owners and employees, says the video released by Pollock leaves out a very key element of the apparent exchange of a baggie of marijuana for cigarillos.

“What the video, that has been edited, doesn’t show is that that baggie was given back to Michael Brown, he was told that he had to pay for it, and if he wasn’t going to pay for it, he had to give it back. He then does give the product back and walks out of the store,” he says.

While Pollock says the exchange proves Brown did not rob the store shortly before he was shot, Kanzler says the implication that Brown did not steal the cigarillos and assault the owner later that morning is “silly and false.”

“The edited video is intentionally misleading and it’s just plain false as to its implication of some kind of arrangement,” he says.

Kanzler says he plans to release an unedited version of the video Monday.

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