FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOX) – The attorney representing the Ferguson Market & Liquor store on West Florissant says the documentary film on Michael Brown is not accurate.

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Attorney Jay Kanzler says Michael Brown may have gone into the store to make a barter deal with the clerks, but that’s not what happened.

“There was no transaction. … I dare anyone to tell me that that looked like a friendly interaction between people that knew one another and were offering to hold cigarillos until the next morning,” Kanzler says.

He says what filmmaker Jason Pollock did was edit-down a 4-minute interaction in the store, to about 25 seconds.


Kanzler says that normally some would say “this is nonsense” and dismiss the video, but it has caused significant harm to the community, again.

“Last night at Ferguson Market, the protesters came back out. Police officers were engaged. Police officers were hurt,” Kanzler says. “Shots were fired at the market and at the police officers. My client’s store was threatened to be burned to the ground.”

Kanzler says there was a heated argument between Brown and the clerks. There is no audio on the tape, only Kanzler’s account of the conversation he had with his clients.

Kanzler is worried there will be more protests Monday night and going forward, so he has reached out to the community and activists.

“I have not had anyone take up my offer to sit down and go over the video, but that offer remains open,” he says.

When asked why Kanzler didn’t release the video back in 2014, he said it was tied up in litigation.

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