FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOX) – Owners of the embattled Ferguson Market and Liquor may sue filmmaker Jason Pollock for defamation and fraud.

“He’s taken some elements, pieced them together into a deceptive documentary,” says Ferguson Market attorney Jay Kanzler.

Pollock’s documentary claims Michael Brown didn’t steal from the market, but instead bartered drugs for cigarillos. Kanzler calls the scene deceptive because it gets cut off at a critical point.

Pollock tells the Associated Press that he didn’t edit the exchange between Brown and store clerks, but just decided to end the scene early.

“The documenter, filmmaker said, ‘I didn’t edit this video,’ oh my gosh just compare the two. With the full version, I don’t know how you can make that statement. You edited it, and edited it badly,” Kanzler says.

Kanzler tells KMOX’s Charlie Brennan that he offered to sit down with protesters in Ferguson and walk them through the unedited surveillance tapes, minute-by-minute. He says filmmaker Pollock never even talked with him.

“This is about his 15 minutes of fame being stretched into 30 or 45 minutes of fame. It’s Marketing 101: Create a Controversy. You’d think this film without all this controversy, documentary filmmakers never get any air time. He’s loving this,” Kanzler says.

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