ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Homeowners in Crestwood will be prohibited from renting out their homes under a new ordinance before the Board of Aldermen.

The measure recognizes the fact that the practice of offering residential units, or rooms therein, for short periods of time has become increasingly popular throughout the country.

Crestwood City Administrator Kris Simpson says a series of public hearings and discussions by the board have determined that such arrangements are not in the city’s best interests. The ordinance states that the rental ban will protect public health and welfare and will be in the city’s best interest.

“When you’ve got people that are coming and going and it’s not your own property, and this is more anecdotal than anything, you tend to not take as good care of it as you otherwise would,” he says.

He says the ban doesn’t simply target Airbnb.

“Anything else that might be similar; obviously it’s sort of like Uber, Lyft comes along, Airbnb maybe somebody else comes along,” he says.

The city’s goal is to promote single-family home ownership and stable communities.

“We want stable residents living in the community, adding to the quality of life here, walking on the streets, obviously there’s a safety concern there, there’s a property value concern,” he says.

Simpson says a blanket ban eliminates the problem of trying to enforce property rental arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

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