ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis voters are told, vote ‘yes’ on Prop A and an unnecessary city office will disappear and police officers will get body cameras. State Senator Jamillah Nasheed thinks that’s a good deal.

“We have a very very serious problem in the city of St. Louis with police and community relations, and I truly believe that the only way we can bridge that gap is to put body cams on police officers. You know and I know, body cameras don’t lie,” she says.

She says eliminating the Recorder of Deeds office will save a million dollars a year, something the police officers association disputes. But Nasheed also says erasing the office would streamline city government.

“They’re tired of having to be down there for hours, so we have to streamline city government, make it a progressive place to work and do business,” she says.

Nasheed, on with KMOX’s Hancock & Kelley, says there’s a fund for the recorder of deed’s office containing almost $350 thousand that could go toward the cameras, along with an estimated $1 million dollar savings by eliminating the office and shifting responsibilities elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the St. Louis City Police Union is sounding the warning against Proposition-A. Association Business Manager Jeff Roorda says officers are already “leaving in droves” in the city because they need better pay, not police body cameras.

“If this Prop P in the county passes, and county cops get a big raise, we’ll lose another couple hundred cops overnight and St. Louis will look like detroit the next morning,” he says.

Roorda says the police union also thinks the ballot issue is misleading, that it would not raise enough money to fully fund a police body camera program.

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