ST. LOUIS (KMOX) House Republicans gather today to discuss their agenda, their first meeting since House Speaker Paul Ryan suddenly abandoned plans last Friday for a vote to repeal ‘Obamacare’. Still reeling from that debacle, Republicans are pivoting to tax cuts and other issues.

Congressman Rodney Davis peels back the curtain on how different Republican factions are getting along, or not, calling the Affordable Care Act repeal attempt a “huge failure”.

“I watched the president get frustrated by negotiating provisions with certain individuals even in our own party, and then he was frustrated by the fact that they kept moving the goal posts,” he says.

Davis says that many elements of the repeal were contested on different level by both parties, and that different variations of the plan, like the one advocated by Jim Jordan of the Freedom Causcus, included elements that were considered ‘nonnegotiable” by many within the party.

“The process that he wanted us to follow would have guaranteed immediately that all preexisting conditions would not be covered, lifetime caps would be re-implemented, things that are nonnegotiable to me and many republicans that were the problem with our system before the affordable care act,” he says.

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