Brian Kelly (@brpkelly)

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The director of the grassroots environmental organization Sierra Club’s local chapter says the organization will fight President Donald Trump’s attempt to roll back Obama Administration clean power standards “every step of the way.”

Missouri chapter director Jim Hickey tells Total Information AM that just because the president is signing the executive order Tuesday, doesn’t mean it will take effect anytime soon.

“Since we live in a democracy,” Hickey says, “the president is not a dictator. There’s a whole legal process that Trump would have to go through to remove existing Clean Air Act protections.”

And Hickey argues that removing those protections will put Missourians’ lives at risk.

“The Harvard School of Public Health looked at the state of Missouri and estimated that implementing the Clean Power Plan would save 1,200 premature deaths in our state, by cleaning up air pollution.”

While Trump says he’s taking the action to bring back jobs in the coal industry, Hickey says that won’t help employ more Missourians.

“Ninety-seven percent of the coal we burn for electricity comes from Wyoming. There’s not a single coal mining job in Missouri mining coal for electricity. But, he says, “in Missouri, there are over 50,000 jobs in clean energy, including solar, wind and energy efficiency.”

“Today in Missouri and Illinois, wind is cheaper than coal,” Hickey says. “So, despite what Trump is trying to do, the cow’s already out of the barn.”

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