ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – House members are advancing a bill to make Missouri the last state to adopt a database to track addictive prescription drugs, but the measure still has a long way to go. The bill received initial approval in a Wednesday voice vote. It needs another vote before it can move to the Senate, where such proposals face stiff opposition.

Missouri’s opioid epidemic is causing the state to look at different ways to fight abuse. This would fight doctor shopping, where people go to several pharmacies searching for prescription medications.

If the bill passes, anyone who prescribes drugs would have to track that information in a database.

State Rep Shawn Roads is a former detective who says this bill has to happen.

There’s just so many times in a career, and I’m sure the gentleman from St. Charles has had to go to somebody’s house and tell them that their loved one has overdosed and died, because somebody was doctor shopping, selling them drugs, and they’ve overdosed on it,” he says. “That is the worst thing you will ever have to do, and I’m telling you I never ever want to do it again,”

State Rep Lynn Morris owns a chain of pharmacies. He says pharmacists would have to report purchases in *real time*.

“By doing real time, all of my stores are connected in real time and we know of how much importance that is in trying to catch people that are drug shopping everyday and we catch them and we don’t fail to catch the,” he says/

Several counties in Missouri, including St. Louis County have gone ahead and started their own system since the state has been slow to implement one.

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