ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – In the face of a threatened filibuster by Democrats, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt remains optimistic that Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch will eventually be confirmed.

Blunt said he’s been impressed by everything Gorsuch has had to say during his nomination hearings.

“He said ‘I don’t think judges are politicians with robes on,’ and it’s not their jobs to write the law but to determine what the law says. He said ‘I only have one client – the law,” Blunt says.

As a guest on the Mark Reardon show, Blunt insisted that there’s no viable reason for Democrats to oppose putting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

“If democrats wouldn’t let this nominee go on the court, there is no Trump nominee that they would let go on the court without a 60-vote threshold,” he says.

He anticipates a vote taking place late next week.

“We’d like for the democrats to go ahead and step up and say we’re willing to have the vote to confirm, but if they don’t I think he will be confirmed,” he says.

Blunt pointed out that even controversial nominees such as Clarence Thomas were eventually confirmed without having to face a Democratic filibuster. A Democratic filibuster could trigger a “nuclear option” by Republicans, in which they’d pursue a rule change to lower the bar for the number of votes needed for the confirmation of Gorsuch.

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