ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – With his New Life Evangelistic Center ordered closed, the Reverend Larry Rice spent the night outside the downtown St. Louis homeless shelter with more than a dozen of his clients.

Some people sit around and talk, others are still sleeping in sleeping bags on the sidewalk, one woman sits against the building chewing on a cigarette and talking to herself. Rice says he is not giving up the fight to keep the center open.

“We want to make any repairs that we have to make and we’re going to try to do that, but again we have to make appeals to the community because they keep adding things and we need people to make donations,” he says.

Rice says last evening the city sent a bi-state bus to pick up some of the homeless, but those who missed that bus were stuck on the streets. He says it’s not easy sleeping outside, but he will keep it up as long as he can.

“I plan to take it night by night as long as I can. It’s hard to survive on two or three hours of sleep, I’m not conditioned like these folks are,” he says.

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