MADISON COUNTY (KMOX) – Health workers in Madison County have dramatically increased their ability to help patients who go into cardiac arrest.

Major Jeff Connor with the Sheriff’s Department says they recently deployed an additional 38 AEDs, which stands for Automated External Defibrillator, throughout the county.

“So now we have a total of 53 AEDs, and we’re able to put one in each of our squad cars that work the streets,” he says.

The county allocated funds for 35 of the machines, and three others were privately donated.

Conner says officers have received training on the devices, but if the need arises they can also be used by non-medical personnel.

“It’s very self explanatory when you open it up. It talks to you, it gives you guidelines, it lets you put the device on the individual to see if it’s even needed to have a shock,” he says.

Connor says they’ve already been used to save lives during emergency calls. He says a county employee who suffered cardiac arrest is alive today because deputies successfully used the AED to bring him back to life.

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