ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Local poison control specialists have a warning about a popular “do-it-yourself” science project involving homemade slime.

Videos featuring homemade slime recipes have gone viral on the internet.

Be careful when using the cleaning product Borax. There are reports of kids winding up with severe burns to their hands after handling the mixture of water, glue, and Borax.

The Director of the Missouri Poison Center at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, Julie Weber, suggests parents find a recipe that doesn’t include Borax.

Borax is a mineral and is sold as a cleaning product. It’s a mild irritant and usually doesn’t cause chemical burns, but in larger amounts it can cause severe irritation.

“Borax usually takes larger amounts and larger quantities to be a problem,” Weber says. “If someone is exposed to it in the concentrated form and handling it for hours and hours and then aren’t washing their hands off well…it can lead to irritation on the skin.”

If you are using Borax, she says properly supervise your child. Use a diluted form of the cleaning product and make sure your kids thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water after playing with the slime.

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