ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – President Trump’s administration is not ruling out further action in Syria. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and top foreign diplomats are holding an urgent meeting in Italy to discuss the crisis in Syria.

The gathering of foreign affairs leaders from “like-minded” countries is taking place on the sidelines of the group of seven industrialized economies.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says the symbolism of the air strikes in Syria last week was important, as was the speed with which President Trump decided to launch the missile strikes after seeing the gas attacks.

Blunt says he does not believe Syrian President Bashar Assad should be in power.

One Metro East physician calls the problem much larger, involving several countries, besides the U.S.

Doctor Khaldoun El Zoobi points out there are several factions fighting in Syria.

“The Syrians are fighting each other for the sake of those factions. Unless the world says ‘enough is enough,’ it’s effecting the whole world in a dangerous way,” he says.

The tough question, El Zoobi says, is if America wants to get back into a conflict in the Middle East.

“Ending the war and having something like a Marshall Plan to rebuild Syria is what will solve the problem,” he says.

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