Sam Masterson (@sammasterson22)

There’s nothing quite like a completely subjective ranking of nonsensical sports things. Before you scroll down to find where the St. Louis Blues’ goal horn is ranked, I want you to know that I did not make this ranking (because I have better things to do than judge 16 different goal horns, which all pretty much sound the same).

This ranking comes from SI Extra Mustard, who clearly had a slow Thursday.

So here is the ranking of the best goal horns among NHL playoff teams:

1. Boston Bruins

2. Calgary Flames

3. Anaheim Ducks

4. Nashville Predators

5. Chicago Blackhawks

6. San Jose Sharks

7. Columbus Blue Jackets

8. Pittsburgh Penguins

9. St. Louis Blues

10. Toronto Maple Leafs

11. New York Rangers

12. Montreal Canadians

13. Ottawa Senators

14. Minnesota Wild

15. Washington Capitals

16. Edmonton Oilers

Extra Mustard actually ranked the entire league’s goal horns. And you can see that full ranking, here.

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