ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Mayors from across the U.S. came to St. Louis yesterday to learn how to create a tech and innovation district from scratch.

Louisville Kentucky Mayor Greg Fischer says he’s been impressed by the revitalization in St. Louis.

“Cortex would be the PhD level for most cities around the world right now, so we’re looking at what that entire system is. We’re really proud of what you’ve done here in St. Louis,” he says.

When it comes to regional governance, maybe Louisville has a lesson for St. Louis. Louisville merged with its county 15 years ago. Mayor Fischer calls that move a “breakthrough” for their region.

“We’re living in a world right now of metropolitan economies, so the question is what’s the big goal for the region, and if that’s growth and relevance within an international perspective, merging city and county governments really helps with that. You can do it very deeply or you can do it at a high level. I think the important thing is to have flexibility as you go into that,” Fischer says.

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