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Lou Brock, 77, is a Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, two-time World Series champion, and hopefully soon will also be a cancer survivor.

We learned Thursday, he is undergoing treatment for Multiple Myeloma, a cancer that effects blood plasma in a person’s bones.

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Since yesterday, many have been remembering the great player Brock was, and his unstoppable speed. Below, you can watch and listen to some of the most memorable moments in Brock’s career:

515585620 Watch, Listen: Top Moments From Lou Brocks Career

Getty Images: Bettmann / Contributor

105th stolen base: On September 10, 1974, Brock slid into second base safely at Busch Stadium to set a new single-season record for stolen bases. He would finished the year with 118 total stolen bases.

3,000th career hit: It was August 13, 1979 when Brock smacked a ball right back at the pitcher, bouncing off him and rolling to the Chicago Cubs’ third baseman, who would have no shot at getting Brock at first. He is 26th on the all-time career hits list with 3,023.

All-time stolen base record: Brock’s Cardinals teammates mobbed him at on second base after he had just stolen his 893rd career stolen base on August 29, 1977.

Ceremonial first pitch 2016: In October of 2015, Brock needed his left leg, below his knee, amputated due to a complication with Diabetes. Six months later he was up walking and was able to throw out the first pitch before the St. Louis Cardinals 2016 home opener.

With Don Rickles on the Johnny Carson show: It isn’t an on-field moment, but one that is apropos to remember with this week’s passing of comedian Don Rickles. This episode of the Johnny Carson show was recorded just three days after Brock set the new, career stolen-base record, and he brought the base with him on the show.

The best part with Rickels is at 35:00 when he jokes that Brock isn’t exactly as fast as he used to be. After the kind jabs, Rickles then compliments Brock and says after Tommy Lasorda, “you are the second guy that I adore.”

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