MADISON COUNTY, ILL. (KMOX) – Anti-tobacco videos aimed at teens and recently uploaded to YouTube differ in that they weren’t produced by adults, but by kids as young as middle school.

It’s happening in Madison County, where kids as young as middle school are involved in the creative process by writing and producing animated videos that recently hit You-Tube.

Amy Yeager with the Madison County Health Department says the first thing Youth Board members told her was not to focus on cigarettes, because that message has been driven home and there are other dangers these days.

“They’re the ones that decided the three tobacco products that they felt were either of most curiosity or of most use by their peers, and that was chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and hookahs,” she says.

And so it is that this video shows an aging cigar passing along his words of wisdom for getting kids hooked to that trio.

Statistics show that in the last month, nearly a third of high school seniors in Madison County have used a tobacco product, including hookahs and e-cigarettes.

To see the whole thing go to Youtube and search for Madison County Youth Board.

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