Brian Kelly @brpkelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-Local and Federal authorities are still trying to track down the man who made an anti-Semitic call to a librarian at Washington University over a month ago.

The call was made March 15. In the two-minute voicemail the caller denies the Holocaust and appears to threaten the librarian.

“No evidence of gas chambers. No evidence of mass graves,” he says in the audio posted on The Huffington Post website. “The Nazis just wouldn’t have had the resources to dig up these mass graves, pound them into dust and then scatter them everywhere. They were fighting a war on three fronts.”

After calling the Holocaust “f-ing lies” the caller accuses Jews of calling for white genocide. “Jews ran the slave trade. You say whites ran it but you’re not white. Jews aren’t white and you ran the slave trade.”

He closes by saying, “It’s all coming to bear. So, I would get really nervous if I was you.”

The librarian, who has asked to remain anonymous, had recently helped organize an exhibit on the Holocaust at a local museum. The University’s student newspaper, Student Life, reports the librarian has been given extra phone security and been offered counseling.

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