ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – One of Mayor Slay’s final actions as Mayor was issuing executive order number 58 to increase the availability of healthy eating options at city owned and operated buildings and facilities.

The City Health Department’s Craig Schmid says it means any food sold on property for which the city holds the contract must meet federal healthy food guidelines, including in vending machines.

“It has such provisions as reduction of sodium to 200mg per package, no trans fat, and then meeting certain guidelines in terms of reduction of calories down to less 200 calories, saturated fats, sugars to 35 percent of weight,” he says.

And the healthier food, by this executive order, must be priced at least 20 percent less per ounce than the less healthy option.

“A benefit to employees is if they take that healthy choice they get a reduction in price, and essentially what I think will happen is that the less healthy options will be priced at a higher rate than the healthier options,” he says.

The new rules do not apply to privately owned businesses that lease space from the City, like the Blues at Scottrade Center.

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