JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (KMOX) – The Missouri House approved a framework for St. Louis City and County to propose sales tax increases for the zoo.

The measure would require all future sales tax increases to be for a specific purpose and only allow the zoo tax increase to be an eighth of 1 percent. St. Louis County representative Marsha Haefner says the measure would help keep the zoo updated and free.

“The St. Louis Zoo is one of the number one attractions, not only for the St. Louis area but for the state of Missouri,” she says.

Opponents say a tax increase would hurt poor Missourians and St. Louisans already paying property taxes to the zoo. St. Louis County representative Tracy McCreery says a sales tax increase would hit vulnerable Missourians the hardest.

“For low income folks and senor citizens, sales taxes just keep adding up and adding up,” she says.

Proponents say it would limit future tax increases and go directly to the zoo. The sales tax increase would be allowed to go to a vote of St. Louis County and City citizens.

The measure allows the zoo to charge admission fees for entrance into new buildings and events if a sales tax is not passed.

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