ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A St. Louis family is appealing for help for their disabled uncle, who was picked up last Monday by agents and deported to Afghanistan – a country he hasn’t been to in two decades.

Mahir Mohammad legally came to the city 22 years ago. His brothers served in the U.S. military in Afghanistan as translators. His wife, daughter, and other family members all became U.S citizens. However, Mahir was unable to become a U.S. citizen, because over a decade ago he pleaded guilty to having a gun while intoxicated.

Owner of Sameem Afghan Restaurant in The Grove, Fahime Mohammad, says his uncle is very ill, has had numerous surgeries, and is disabled. He tells KMOX’s Charlie Brennan that Mahir’s wife gave the agents the medicines as they were hauling him off from his driveway.

However, caller “Mike” was not feeling sympathetic to the situation.

“His uncle is a Muslim, who walks around with a gun, was one click away from committing a murder like a radical Islam terrorist would do,” caller Mike says.

Fahime does not believe his uncle will receive the proper medical treatment back home. Mahir’s wife and daughter will now likely have to travel to Kabul.

Listen to the full interview below:

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