ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Aware that people in St. Louis are watching closely, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency is pledging real progress on dealing with a local radioactive waste site.

Scott Pruitt made a visit to the St. Louis area, and took time out to speak with KMOX concerning the Westlake Landfill. Pruitt promised to restore the EPA’s reputation, saying they will have boots on the ground in north county.

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“We’re not going to come just to talk about it, we’re not going to come just to commiserate about it, we’re going to come with answers and solutions to get that fixed,” he says.

His comments come in the face of an ongoing effort to have oversight of Westlake and the nearby Bridgeton Landfill transferred from the EPA to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Pruitt said he was in St. Louis as part of a campaign calling attention to steps being taken by President Trump to roll back what he called the “regulatory overreach” of the Obama Administration.

“Honestly just didn’t pay attention to Westlake, it wasn’t something that was a priority. They were more concerned about showing up in Paris to talk about CO2. They were more interested in putting bumper stickers on their car to say they’re pro-environment as opposed to actually doing things to fix the environment,” he says.

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Comments (4)
  1. Administrator Pruitt, will you please meet with Just Moms STL founders, Dawn Chapman and Karen Knickel ASAP?!

  2. Tracy Lynn says:

    Seeing is believing. We’ve had more than our share of lip service. Show up to some community meetings, look these people in the face, and state your commitment. Only then would I put any validity in his statements at all.

  3. Susan Lorel says:

    I’m from Missouri, so “show me!” The only solution is going to be removal of the tons of radioactive material from the Manhattan Project, voluntary buyout of the homes around the landfill, and putting out the underground fire that is spewing, God only knows what, for all to breath. WHEN will you show up to talk to the citizens?

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