ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Peggy Snyder’s doesn’t want the emergency room staff at St. Anthony and St. Louis County first responders to remember her son as a trauma. She was able to personally thank the people who tried to save fallen Officer Blake Snyder’s life.

“I know their heart hurt just like mine,” Peggy Snyder says.

Peggy and Richard Snyder, met with the emergency room staff who worked on their son after he was shot and killed last October.

As many in the room wiped away tears, Peggy Snyder, a retired pediatric nurse, described her son as a strong willed child who loved to take things apart; a man who had a great smile; a man who before he put on his badge, he put on the whole armor of god.

She adds people don’t realize the stress nurses face, delivering good news to one family and terrible news to another.

“I needed to know who was with my son. I needed to know who gave him the love and compassion and needed to know who held his hand when he died,” Peggy says.

Richard Snyder recounted the times the number of times they were told stories about how their son influenced someone’s life.

“The man with him who picked him up in the ambulance and brought him to the hospital, worked on him for an hour, came and talked to us about the experience,” Richard says. “And he’d seen Blake many times….the change in his life, I mean a major turn around in his life, because of Blake’s influence.”

The family says it was their daughter-in-law who called them that morning in October to say Blake had been shot. Peggy says she thought he’d been grazed by a bullet. She adds that her son’s death has crushed her soul.

Richard Snyder says the outpouring of support the day of Blake’s funeral was overwhelming.

“One girl waited two and a half hours in line just to tell us how kind Blake was to her in Junior High School,” Richard says. “He bumped her in the hallway and knocked her books out of her arm. He didn’t even know her. He was late to class, because he wanted to make sure she had her books and got to class on time…she spoke to us for 30 seconds and told us that story.”

Trenton Forster,18, has been charged with Snyder’s murder. The Snyder’s say they are getting detailed updates on the case from the prosecutor’s office and plan to follow the case every step of the way.

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