ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Everything was in place Thursday night for a town hall meeting featuring Congresswoman Ann Wagner – except for the Congresswoman herself. It was a protest against Wagner for her stance on the President’s “dangerous health care scheme.”

Constituents in Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District held their own town hall forum in Ballwin Thursday night because they say Republican Ann Wagner won’t meet with them. Organizer Kitt Wroth says Wagner was definitely aware that it was happening.

She says she has called, emailed and gone directly to her office in Ballwin, but only gets as far as the front office staff.

“We have asked her multiple times, in fact we have actually come out here several times since February to try to meet with her to get her to hear our concerns about her positions on the Affordable Care Act,” says Wroth.

Wroth claims Wagner played a “key leadership role” in President Donald Trump’s and Speaker Paul Ryan’s failed attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, and she’s hoping to change the Congresswoman’s mind before another attempt is made. Wroth told those attending the meeting that it’s her goal to convince the Republican to support keeping the Affordable Care Act in place.

“I’ve called, I’ve written letters and I’ve shown up at her office multiple times, and yet we have been met only with the front office staff,” she says.

It might be a growing trend among disenfranchised residents — inviting their lawmaker to meet with them and then hosting a town hall gathering anyway when that lawmaker snubs them. It also happened Wednesday night in downtown St. Louis as part of a protest against US Senator Roy Blunt.

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