EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. (KMOX) – A local farmer is heading to Washington D.C. this week as part of the on-going battle against “super-bugs”. Not flying, biting pests, but infectious disease threats that Bill Gates recently predicted could kill millions world-wide within the next decade.

John Tarpoff of Edwardsville is with Niman Ranch, which is working to reduce that risk by using as natural means as possible to raise its beef stock.

“At Niman Ranch we do natural beef, hormone free, antibiotic free, no ionophores and it’s vegetarian fed,” he says.

Tarpoff says that results in a meat grade that’s 53 percent prime, versus the national average of about 2 percent.

Tarpoff will speak at a conference hosted by the group Supermoms Against Superbugs, which is concerned that antibiotic resistant diseases could spread naturally or even be weaponized by terrorists.

“With the overuse use of antibiotics, you come up with some form of bacteria that are immune to antibiotics, and that’s when things get scary,” Tarpoff says.

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