ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – While the city of New Orleans is removing its Confederate statues, a 32-foot tall monument to Confederate soldiers here in Forest Park still stands — two years after the Slay Administration began exploring how to remove it.

Now the point man on the project, Human Services Director Eddie Roth, is preparing to brief new Mayor Lyda Krewson on where the project stands.

confederate statue forest park New Plan to Remove Confederate Monument in Forest Park

The statue honoring the confederate states in St. Louis’ Forest Park may be moved or may be clarified. A committee is expected to decide if the statue should be moved to a different location or if the inscription should display more clear and historical information.
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“The most economical and preferred plan is one that would cost about $100,000,” Roth says. “It mainly involves burying the granite shaft in place in Forest Park where it will be preserved.”

Under the plan, the bronze face plate would be removed and stored someplace else.

The city had earlier considered moving the monument to a new home, perhaps to the Civil War museum at Jefferson Barracks. But Roth says the fundraising didn’t materialize and time has run out.

Roth says his research of the monument, placed in St. Louis in 1914 by the Daughters of the Confederacy, shows it was part of a revisionist history trend in many cities.

“The Confederate monument in St. Louis is replicated in cities across the country, and was a multi-generational propaganda effort, mainly led by Confederate women to recast the South’s role in the Civil War,” Roth says. “You won’t find anything (mentioned) about slavery, even though that was a principle part of the war.”

Roth is scheduled to meet with Krewson about the monument in May.

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Comments (8)
  1. If you notice, the wording below the beautifully done bronze figures read simply “Erected in memory of the soldiers and sailors of the Confederate States by the United Daughters of the Confederacy of Saint Louis”. Not a word about the Confederate Cause or any of it’s leaders and policies. It just honors the bravery and sacrifices of the Common Soldiers. Nothing more. And yet Eddie Roth has the gall to say ““You won’t find anything about slavery, even though that was a principle part of the war.” Uhh..clue here, Eddie…not Every mention of the Civil War Must include some apologetic note to the descendants of slavery. Great idea, by the way…burying the monument-including the superbly carved Angel above the bronze. Nice touch…

    1. There is much more Confederate ideology on the back of the monument. This from ,Apr.21,2015:

      On the back of the monument are two other inscriptions, offering a romanticized view of the Confederacy’s motives during the Civil War, the first written by Confederate soldier and St. Louisan Robert Catlett Cave:

      To the Memory of the Soldiers and Sailors of the Southern Confederacy, who fought to uphold the right declared by the pen of Jefferson and achieved by the sword of Washington, with sublime self sacrifice they battled to preserve the independence of the states which was won from Great Britain, and to perpetuate the constitutional government which was established by the fathers.

      Actuated by the purest patriotism they performed deeds of prowess such as thrilled the heart of mankind with admiration. Full in the front of war they stood and displayed a courage so superb that they gave a new and brighter luster to the annals of valor. History contains no chronicle more illustrious than the story of their achievements; and although, worn out by ceaseless conflict and overwhelmed by numbers, they were finally forced to yield, their glory, on brightest pages penned by poets and by sages shall go sounding down the ages.

      Below Cave’s words is an inscription quoting Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee: “We had sacred principles to maintain and rights to defend for which we were duty bound to do our best, even if we perished in the endeavor.

  2. Not to worry the new movement is to destroy the Thomas Jefferson memorials. Fairly soon, history will not longer exist as many know it.

    George Washington owned slaves, time to burn DC down!!

  3. Katie Moon says:

    Rather like Nazis destroying what they decide benefits them, or radical Islamists destroying centuries old works of art. Remove everything and we can pretend it never happened.

  4. Yes, let’s pretend the Civil War never happened, and all that history simply vanishes like magic … all as those on the Left demand reparations for the slavery that, in part, inspired that non-existent war.

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