Sam Masterson (@sammasterson22)

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) Magnus Paajarvi scored at the 9:42 mark in overtime, giving the Blues a 4-3 victory on Saturday in Game 5 of its playoff series, eliminating the Minnesota Wild. The hero in overtime was with our Alex Ferrario to talk about his transition back in the NHL this season and his expectations of the Nashville Predators in the second round.

Here is part of their conversation:

Ferrario: What did if feel like to score that game-winner to clinch the series?

Paajarvi: Fantastic, great feeling. Every body is euphoric and it was a nice feeling. We enjoyed it that night, we enjoyed it yesterday, but now it’s time to get back to work.

Ferrario: The talk of the series was the defense and goaltending, but how did the offense impact that series?

Paajarvi: We’re all confident in our lines and like you said, everyone can score, everyone is good defensively and everyone is on the same page. So that’s really nice and you become dangerous that way.

Ferrario: What’s the biggest improvement in your game since returning from the AHL?

Paajarvi: I got more of an attacking mindset and I’m strong on the puck.

Ferrario: What does it mean to open round two at home?

Paajarvi: It’s always sweet to open at home and have the advantage. You’ll get one more game in your building and that’s always an advantage for us with our great fans.

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