ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – With the launch of the Loop Trolley now just a few weeks away, University City officials are working out some “Rules of the Road” for drivers who encounter the trolley.

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slp2017032602 Loop Trolley Means New Rules of the Road on Delmar

Workers walk ahead of Trolley number 001 as it is pulled across a intersection during initial testing in St. Louis on March 26, 2017. The new Loop Trolley is being pulled by truck, while crews check the clearance of the vehicle with the platforms, curbs, corners and overhead wires. The Loop Trolley is a 2.2-mile, fixed-route, electrically powered, heritage trolley that will link St. Louis City and County. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI

U. City’s Director of Public Works, Sinan Alpaslan, says they’re anticipating the potential situations that may arise when trolleys start running up and down Delmar.

They’re looking at ordinances that will allow police to tow cars that block the trolley’s path, and ticket the owners, so the system doesn’t bog down.

They also want to draw up rules against passing stopped or slow-moving trolleys – similar to current laws that keep vehicles from passing stopped school buses as a safety concern.

“Some driver that may be growing impatient behind a stopped trolley…might decide,’Ok, I’m just going to take over this trolley and go faster,'” Alpaslan says. “By this ordinance, those are now becoming prohibited.”

In addition, the current ban against riding bikes on sidewalks up and down Delmar may be extended to the street itself to keep thin bicycle wheels from falling into the ruts where trolleys pass, and riders getting hurt.

Final passage of the new rules could come in two weeks.

The $50 million plus trolley system is currently expected to start operations in early Summer.

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