ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – There’s a new tool available to navigate the St. Louis County Court system that its developers hope will reduce incarceration rates.

St. Louis based GlobalHack partnered with Rise Community Development to form “”. Rise’s John Cruz is one of the project leads, he says it’s a simple to use mobile-friendly site that teaches you how to navigate the system.

“Part of the overall goal of this is to reduce the amount of people who end up incarcerated over seemingly minor infractions or related to traffic or what have you. There needs to be equity in the justice system the same way there needs to be equity in neighborhoods and other areas of our society,” he says.

Right now the site covers only unincorporated St. Louis County with an estimated 300 thousand people, but Cruz says anyone who gets a ticket in unincorporated St. Louis County can use it. The site provides a map for users to select a location where they received a ticket, and will direct them to the municipality responsible.

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  1. aps221219 says:

    Great, yet another website. Only in St. Louis County, where we have all these municipalities, with their police departments and courts, do we have three websites for tracking tickets. First, there’s Casenet. Run by the Missouri Office of State Courts it is the website for looking up all cases in circuit courts in Missouri. This is where you find information on tickets issued by the MSHP. Next, you have This is run by REJIS, the quasi-govermental information technology provider. Many of the municipal courts in the St. Louis area use this system. Finally, there’s Run by this Civic Tech group, it only seems to cover tickets issued in unincorporated St. Louis County. Instead of wasting money and resources on these websites, can we just invest in putting all the information on one consolidated website like Casenet?

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