To make a long story short:

Baseball fans in Boston might be racist; throwing at a guy’s head is the most pathetic form of retaliation; Red Sox fans prove they are definitely not racist; Manny Machado drops 12 F-Bombs in post-game rant.

This feud began a little over a week ago, when Machado, the Baltimore Orioles third baseman, slid hard into second base, injuring Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox. Was the slide dirty? You be the judge.
[graphiq id=”cr2iwOonh9H” title=”Orioles at Red Sox – May 03, 2017 7:10pm ET” width=”600″ height=”363″ url=”” ]

A few innings later, Machado is up to bat and Boston’s Matt Barnes decides to hit him in the neck.

So that happened on April 21. Fast forward to the current series in Fenway Park between Boston and Baltimore.

On Monday, Orioles outfielder Adam Jones tells the world that when he plays at Fenway Park, he is often subjected to racist taunts from Boston fans. He said after Monday’s game, “a disrespectful fan threw a bag of peanuts at me. I was called the N-word a handful of times tonight. Thanks. Pretty awesome.’

But then Red Sox nation redeems itself. Before Jones’ first at bat in Tuesday’s game, he is given a standing ovation at Fenway.

And just when all was beginning to be right in baseball, Machado came to the plate against Red Sox starter Chris Sale. And Sale throws behind Machado’s back, reigniting the turmoil in the AL East.

After the game, Machado was not pulling punches, on top of what he says in the video below, he also was quoted saying “I lost mad respect for that organization.”

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