ARNOLD, Mo. (KMOX) – The Meramec River is slowly receding, giving back much of the land it conquered earlier this week.

Arnold City Administrator Bryan Richison says this flood did not do as much damage. The flood was a foot lower than the one in December 2015.

“Many of the buildings that were closest to the flooding, that got the worst of it this time, was still abandoned from the last flood,” Richison says.

Richison says the river swamped about ten homes this time, and for a short while covered one of the main routes of Starling Airport Road. He adds they may have got it from backed up sewer lines, rather than overland flooding.

“So there were many people that had full utility service and stayed in their homes,” Richison says. “Even though there was probably a couple feet of water all around them, but it hadn’t gotten into their house.”

The city plans to do a thorough damage assessment on Saturday when the water has fallen back enough to get into the worst flooded areas.

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